Welcome to Stories!

I did it! I FINALLY started a blog!!! It’s so ironic that I’m just getting around to doing this because I actually love writing. I have even blogged for other companies’ blogs on several occasions, but haven’t taken the plunge to start my own. Not since the days of Xanga, anyway ;)

I’m hoping to connect with other artists and art lovers around the world, and provide some helpful content and goodies for you along the way. I’m planning on covering topics such as:

  • Caring for your creative soul (because we special)

  • Increasing creativity + how to be more creative

  • How it’s made/process of a painting

  • Becoming an art collector/patron/supporter

  • Community for artists

  • Whatever fun goodies I can dream up like Spotify playlists for creativity, videos, or interviews with friends rocking it in the art community

If there’s anything else you’d like to see, let me know - I don’t want this to be my personal journal, and for me there’s no point in me doing this blog if you don’t get any value from it! So speak up! ;)

Looking forward to being inspired together,